"I believe in celebrating how we live in our spaces."


about Sarah

founder, landscape DESIGNER + BCSLA INTERN

I was inspired by landscape design at a young age, thanks to the endless pile of Garden Design Magazines my mom subscribed to. From sketching my “dream garden” on her graph paper to experiencing the selfless way she wanted to help people, a spark was lit. Since then I have been drawn to the art of working with people to create thoughtful and purposeful outdoor spaces, which has allowed me to turn my passion into a way of life. 

I am proud to have grown up in the community of 100 Mile House, situated in a beautiful and diverse region of the Cariboo. Throughout my life I have had the privilege of being surrounded by loving, energetic, and supportive family and friends. With a love for the outdoors, whether it be cold winters or hot summers, I understood the importance of having versatile and welcoming spaces to gather. Moving out into the world I spent time travelling through North and South America, ending up in Vancouver for a great five year chapter. These experiences helped broaden my outlook and instilled in me a strong respect for cultural and community diversity.

I continue to be drawn to landscape design because of the powerful invitation that an outdoor space can hold. Whether it’s a sunny front stoop, a patio with a lake view, or a quiet reading spot under a shade tree, this is where people want to congregate; this is where community is grown. My mom, who passed away May of 2000, continues to be my inspiration. She always encouraged my creativity and I am enjoying the chance to channel that into my work, designing outdoor spaces that make your heart a little more full. 


"Everyone deserves a meaningful area to enjoy the outdoors"